Geo Fit Expert partnership facts

  • Geo Fit Expert is a registered land surveyor providing very precise topographic data

  • Relais Consulting provides commercial, administrative and logistic assistance to Fit Conseil for their operations in Nigeria.

  •  Operating in Nigeria is not always easy, specially when your head quarters are situated far away. Whenever your clients drives you in a lot of different countries, local partners like Relais Consulting plays a most valuable role in facilitating contacts with local authorities, governmental bodies or field experts.

Fit Conseil BN2T

Geo Fit Expert BN2T

GeofitExpert ex Fit Conseil

Geo Fit Expert ex Fit Conseil

About Geo Fit Expert

    • Groupe FIT ( is a leading French consulting firm, headquartered in Nantes and provides advanced spatial technology and geo engineering services, in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa (Maroc, Tunisie, Soudan, Cameroun, Cote d’Ivoire …) since 1967.

    • Groupe FIT has approximately 560 employees stationed in over ten countries, generating a 43 M€ turnover in 2012 (including Geo Fit Expert).

    • Groupe FIT is a geospatial and Information System solutions and services provider supplying customers with end to end solutions towards Risk Mapping and flood mapping, Management Information System, geographical information, mapping, e-governance, network development, land security and land administration and more generally ICT developments related to urban and rural Land management, Rural and Urban facility management, (databases, GIS, MIS, Web site developments, software development, etc.), and spatial data engineering.

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