Relais Consulting SA May 2019 News

Eko Atlantic The Lagos US Consulate moves in Eko Atlantic, the Lagos Great Wall go on ... Mike Adenuga Center is less than a month before final completion. Jeune Afrique Media Group will launch Africa CEO Forum network at the Center in June 27, 2019 Abdul Samad Rabiu gives an exclusive interview to Jeune Afrique [...]

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Consulting work for Vocalcom

Globacom choose Vocalcom Technology, Vocalcom Cloud to enhance Globacom’s Interactive Voice Response and Contact Center Solutions. Carlos Costanzia, President and CEO of Vocalcom said that: he was "honored to be chosen by one of the most largest telecom company in Africa. Thank you so much Miss Bella Disu Executive Vice Chairman, Globacom, for the trust [...]

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Partnership agreement with Jeune Afrique Media Group

Jeune Afrique Media Group and Relais Consulting SA have entered in December 2018 into a Strategic Partnership for the development of Jeune Afrique Media Group activities in Nigeria. The partnership is focused around 3 main axis: Promote the participation of Nigerian companies or foreign companies based in Nigeria and their CEOs to take part [...]

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2019 EBACE Geneve and Paris Le Bourget Airshows

As Dassault Falcon Nigeria Strategic Advisor, Relais Consulting Managing Director, Mr Jean Haas and Senior Consultant Carole Boissier will attend EBACE Geneve and Paris Le Bourget Airshows this year 2019. Ebace Geneve Airshow will take place from the 21 to the 23 of May 2019 and Paris Le Bourget Airshow from the 17 to the [...]

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French President Macron visit Nigeria

This month, President Emmanuel Macron visited Nigeria. His trip was dedicated to promote a French Soft Power approach to Africa that the French President wishes to develop including sports, culture, sustainability and business. President Emmanuel Macron performed the Official Opening of the new Alliance Française sponsored by Dr Mike Adenouga. Relais International Consulting was [...]

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Atelier Nigeria Paris

  Our Executive Director, Mr. Jean Haas, was one of the panelists of the last "Atelier Nigeria Forum" held this week in Paris, the 5th of June 2018. The goal of this forum is to provide more information to potential investors and major french companies about Nigeria and it's particular economical context. It is also a [...]

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Relais Consulting in Africa

Mr. Jean Haas, Managing Director of Relais Consulting was part of major African events during the first semester of 2018 including: Beginning of May at the Mo Ibrahim Foundation Governance Week-end in Kigali, Rwanda: The Ibrahim Governance Weekend is the flagship event of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, held [...]

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